Coaching for individuals


The "10 Weeks to Thought Leadership" Coaching Program for Individuals

Many people have great ideas but lack the ability to express them effectively so they can be seen as a thought leader.

What is a thought leader?

It’s a person who shapes the conversation in their area of expertise. They are known for simplifying the complex, debunking myths or having a unique view on a particular subject.

In ten weeks of private coaching and conceptual support, professional journalists from The Institute for Thought Leadership will help you find and hone your ideas so they are easy to understand and you can build a business around them. This offering is primarily focused on finding and articulating the right niche for your business.


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You are a freelancer, small-business owner or someone who wants to advance your career in a large organization.


In ten sessions via zoom or in person, we explore your expertise, competence and passion to identify the area where you want to be a thought leader.

Then we hone your message and begin developing your proprietary collateral.

Finally, we execute on one piece of writing about your subject.

Our writers will either edit your writing and give you detailed feedback, or we will ghostwrite one story for you, based on an interview.

You walk away with:

  1. A better understanding of your own niche and the uniqueness of your message
  2. A list of ways to spread your ideas more effectively and make money off of them
  3. A catalogue of story ideas for you to work on later
  4. One written piece (ghosted or edited) that you can publish on your LinkedIn profile or blog

Between each session, expect to work on various assignments from your coach.

You’ll need at least 2 hours each week for reading, researching, brainstorming and writing based on the coaching discussions.


We will follow the thought leadership roadmap articulated by Denise Brosseau and Guy Kawasaki in “Ready to Be a Thought Leader?: How to Increase Your Influence, Impact, and Success,” which will serve as our course book.


Coaching is conducted via zoom and scheduled at your convenience.


As soon as you have paid your down payment and signed the contract, we can begin the thought leadership coaching.

How much?

For a limited time only, The Institute for Thought Leadership is offering  coaching for a discount to individuals. Contact the institute’s founder, Rhea Wessel, for details.


  • A copy of Denise Brosseau’s book is included in the course fee and will be sent to you via snail mail.
  • This is a kickstart program and the 10 weeks must be in direct succession with a max of one extension/vacation week.

Sign up by emailing Rhea Wessel at